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Honors Program Testimonials

Participants of the Honors Program find that they gain an invaluable experience by attending the ASA Annual Meeting.

Whether they are attending plenary sessions or networking with other students and sociologists, these students consider the Annual Meeting to be a highlight in their educational and start of their professional careers.

Here are what some students had to say about their own experiences:

Videos on the Experiences of Several 2017 Honors Program Participants

Quotes from Several 2016 Honors Program Participants

"Attending the ASA meeting and having the privilege to be selected as an Honors Program student was an experience I will never forget. Not only was this an excellent networking experience for my professional life, it was also incredibly refreshing and beneficial to my personal life. Never have I been more encouraged to continue pursuing my passion in academia. Thank you ASA! "
Julia Mendes, Honors Program Participant 2016

"We attended a workshop on Careers in Sociology with two guest speakers, Dr. Augie Diana, National Institutes of Health, and Dr. Earl Babbie, Cengage/Wadsworth. They offered constructive insight on the limitless possibilities of careers in the field of sociology and gave great practical advice on things such as building a resume, marketing your skills and abilities, and using formal and informal networks to find potential career opportunities."
Christine Deutscher, Honors Program Participant 2016

"Participation in the 2016 ASA Honors Program has provided me with critical insight into the current state of the "graduate school game" in addition to the different ways sociologist work at pursuing their own higher education."
Hannah Whitley, Honors Program Participant 2016

"One aspect of the Honors Program which I found extremely beneficial was the discussion tables. I was given the opportunity of presenting my research, while also gaining advice from a faculty member in the field, and listening to other students' presentations."
Irene Snyder, Honors Program Participant 2016

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