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The Department Affiliates Program provides a department-level link between academic institutions and the American Sociological Association.


Join or renew online, or download the application/invoice and mail, fax, or email it to the ASA ( Visit this page for more information about the cost of the program.  Can't remember your department ID? Contact ASA Customer Service at

Is Your Department's ASA Record Accurate?


Go to the ASA Member Portal, and then type in your department's ASA ID.  If you don't know your department's ASA ID, send an email to ASA customer service. Type in your department zip code. Update information as needed.  Please be sure to include an email address for the current department chair, as well as a "key email" that will not change over time.

Expanded Benefits

Webinars. Faculty and students in Department Affiliates have access to exclusive webinars covering topics related to department leadership and management, curriculum development, and teaching and learning in sociology. Via the ASA portal, every member of your department (including non-ASA members) can access the archive of past webinars. They just need to have an ASA log in that links their profile to your department as a student or employee. 

ASA Undergraduate Student Newsletter - "Independent Variable."  Released in coordination with each new issue of Contexts magazine, this quarterly e-newsletter guides students to the fascinating articles and features from Contexts during the month they are all freely available online. It also connects students with media coverage--from across the country and around the world--of research published in ASA journals, encouraging students to read about sociology and see its relevance to their lives. Independent Variable also includes advice on how to succeed in the major, notices about professional opportunities relevant to undergraduates, and  interesting facts about sociology and sociologists.

Chairlink. Chairs in Department Affiliate departments will receive Chairlink, a sociology-specific newsletter designed to help department chairs stay up to date on key events in higher education and anticipate and effectively respond to the challenges of department leadership.

ASA Department Portal. A single location where Department Affiliates can access archives of webinars, Chairs Conference materials, back issues of Chairlink, as well as the Directory of Members, Directory of Departments, Teaching Sociology feature articles, a curated set of Footnotes articles related to department-level concerns, helpful information to assist departments embarking on self-studies, program review, and more. New benefits will be added to this new centralized information portal as they become available.

Graduate Department Benefits. First year graduate students in Affiliate departments receive a FREE 1 year ASA membership, including one free section membership. In addition, Department Affiliates receive a 30% discount on listings in the ASA Guide to Graduate Departments. 

TRAILS. The ASA Teaching Resources and Innovations Library for Sociology, TRAILS is a fully-searchable online interactive repository of thousands of sociological teaching materials that can be downloaded and adapted for immediate class use,  TRAILS also provides an opportunity for faculty to submit their own innovative teaching resources for peer review and possible publication. All members of ASA receive free access to TRAILS.  Faculty in Department Affiliates who are not ASA members receive up to 50% discounts on subscriptions to TRAILS .

Guide to Graduate Departments. All Department Affiliates receive the newest edition of the Guide to Graduate Departments of Sociology, free of charge.

And there’s more: In addition, Footnotes, ASA’s monthly newsletter covering important news about the Association and the discipline, is sent directly to the department nine times a year. Department Affiliates also receive discounts on the annual Department Leaders Preconference and on Job Bank postings.


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