American Sociological Association

Service with ASA

Elected Positions

ASA members are invited to suggest names for nominations for the following elected offices or committees:

  • President-Elect
  • Vice President-Elect
  • Secretary-Treasurer-Elect
  • Council Members-at-Large
  • Committee on Committees
  • Nominating Committee
  • Publications Committee

Suggestions for elected positions will be sent to the relevant body that determines the ballot for each of these positions — either the Nominating Committee or ASA Council Members-at-Large. Selected nominees will ultimately appear on the election ballot for ASA member vote. 

Appointed Positions

ASA members are invited to suggest names for nominations for appointment to the following committees:

Suggestions for appointed positions are reviewed by the Committee on Committees. Committee members are formally appointed by the ASA Council. 


When submitting a suggestion for either an elected or appointed position, please consider how well the person meets the standards of professional ethics as articulated in our Code of Ethics (e.g., harassment, plagiarism, discrimination). Please submit suggestions by May 1 to

Membership Policy

Membership in ASA is required for all appointed and elected leadership positions, and membership is required to be on the ASA election ballot.  There will be no exceptions to the membership requirement, but complimentary membership can be offered to non-sociologists who want to serve in leadership roles, with editors making such a request for potential editorial board members and other such decisions at the Executive Director’s discretion.  Associate or high school teacher memberships are acceptable for editorial boards if appropriate for the individual.  Exceptions to the full membership requirement, either for associates or high school teacher members, can be made for other non-elected positions at the discretion of the Executive Director.