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City & Community

A Journal of the ASA Section on Community and Urban Sociology


Mission Statement

City & Community, a journal of the ASA Section on Community and Urban Sociology, aims to advance urban sociological theory, promote the highest quality empirical research on communities and urban social life, and encourage sociological perspectives on urban policy. It welcomes contributions that employ quantitative and qualitative methods as well as comparative and historical approaches. The journal encourages manuscripts exploring the interface of global and local issues, locally embedded social interaction and community life, urban culture and the meaning of place, and sociological approaches to urban political economy. The journal also seeks articles on urban spatial arrangements, social impacts of local natural and built environments, urban and rural inequalities, virtual communities, and other topics germane to urban life and communities that will advance general sociological theory. 

Editors: Deirdre Oakley, Georgia State University
ISSN: 1535-6841
Quarterly: March, June, September, December 


Selected Journal Articles

Queer Pop‐Ups: A Cultural Innovation in Urban Life Ryan Stillwagon and Amin Ghaziani, September 2019
Talk on the Playground: The Neighborhood Context of School Choice Michael D. M. Bader, Annette Lareau, and Shani A. Evans, June 2019
Environmental Justice and Public Beach Access Jinwon Kim, Seong Ok Lyu, and HakJun Song, March 2019
Symposium: The Uses of Census Data John R. Logan, Robert M. Adelman, Samantha Friedman, and Karyn Lacy, September 2018

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