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2020 Recipients

Best Book or Article Award

Alexandra Maryanski. Émile Durkheim and the Birth of the Gods: Clans, Incest, Totems, Phratries, Hordes, Mana, Taboos, Corroborees, Sodalities, Menstrual Blood, Apes, Churingas, Cairns, and Other Mysterious Things. 2018 Routledge.


Best Student Paper Award

The student paper awards committee extended a joint award to two students this year:

Meng-Jung Lin of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill “The social and genetic inheritance of educational attainment: Genes, parental education, and educational expansion” Social Science Research 86 102-387, 2020


Brennan Miller, Will Kalkhoff, Josh Pollock, and Matt Pfeiffer’s paper, “Persistent identity threats: Emotional and neurological responses” was published in Social Psychology Quarterly 82(1) 98-111, 2019.

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Call for Award Nominations


The Evolution, Biology & Society Section of the American Sociological Association invites submissions for the Best Book or Article Award for the best book or article published between 2018 and 2020 by a member (or members) of the EBS section. 

Nominations (including self-nominations) and a copy of the article should be sent electronically to all three members of the committee by April 3, 2020. If you have any questions about this award, please direct your inquiries to the committee chair. At least one author of the nominated article must be a member of the EBS. 
The committee for this award is composed of: 
Professor Dudley Poston, Texas A&M, Chair,  
Professor Ken Hudson, University of South Alabama,  
Professor Tomasz Drabowicz, University of Lodz & European University Institute,  

The Evolution, Biology & Society Section of the ASA also invites submissions for the Annual Best Paper Award for Student Members of the Evolution, Biology & Society Section. 

Published or unpublished articles are acceptable, as long as the publication date or acceptance is within the period 2018-2020. Co-authored papers, including with faculty, are eligible as long as a student is the first author. All author(s) must be members of the Evolution, Biology & Society Section at the time of submission to qualify for the award. The award is shared among all student authors. 
Nominations (including self-nominations) and copies of the paper should be sent electronically to the committee members listed below by April 3, 2020. 
The committee for this award is composed of: 
Professor Joseph Dippong, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Chair, 
Professor Douglas Marshall, University of South Alabama, 
Emeritus Professor Marion Blute, University of Toronto, 


Past Award Winners